• About ‘Seibei’

    Seibei,founded in 1991,sell pickles are one of the Japanese
    food.This fermented food called Tsukemono has supported Japanese
    health from acient times.Especially,we’d like to reccomend MISOZUKE
    which grow into miso join together to Tsukemono.The way to make
    Misozuke is first,put vegetables into miso and aged for a long time.

    We’d like to share amazing Tsukemono with around world.

    We’ll do my best!

  • Corporate information

    Company name SEIBEI CORPORATION Co.,Ltd.
    Head Office 250-1-604, Shimokurata, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, 244-0815 JAPAN
    TEL・FAX +81-45-714-4545
    Factory 1-2-11, Koshiba, RyuGasaki-shi, Ibaraki, 301-0044 JAPAN

    Direct sales shop

    Marui Totsuka
    Itoyokado Ryugasaki
    Yokohama Gumyouji
    President Joichiro Yoneda
    Established March 15 1991
    Capital stock ¥3,000,000
    Business purpose 1. Tsukemonomaking, Sale Wholesale
    2. Wholesale of dry foods, Sale
    3. The total business attendant in the above each number
    One’s own bank Mizuho bank, Yokohama shinkin bank, Yokohama bank